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Dewi Richards

A unique System of Corrective Exercise, developed over thirty years in the industry, as a result of a serious sporting injury in 1987. With a strong foundation in Core Stability, Functional Fitness, Joint Specific Strength Training and scientifically proven stretching and mobilisation techniques. Integrating with Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi methods which help make it a truly holistic form of exercise.

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Applying Backfit Principles in combination with Sports Massage Therapy we can:-

  • complement other health care professionals

  • enable clients of all ages to manage chronic musculoskeletal problems such as back pain

  • improve sporting perfomance

  • improve general fitness and function for daily living

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Running Athletic Women
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Stability Ball and Stretching Band
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Improves Functional Condition

Utilising specific massage and soft tissue manipulation techniques and stretches to help improve performance and physical condition reducing chance of injury or pain.


Enabling Efficient Movement Patterns

Taking dysfunctional movement patterns that may be contributing to musculoskeletal pain and using the Backfit Principles to mobilise, stretch and strengthen forming new habits and postures, enabling pain free movement. A variety of different exercises, efficient movement patterns and breathing techniques are used alongside simple equipment.


Engaging Natural Patterns for Movement

Applying the Backfit Principles of Core Stability, Flexibility and Strength into Functional Movement based Exercise such as Power Walking, Hiking, Running and Cycling.

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Hear What Others Have to Say

I’ve been doing a weekly session with Dewi for a number of years. He has made a huge difference to my general fitness, strength and body shape.  The emphasis on core fitness has improved my balance and  posture - and I rediscovered my waist! My regular commitment with him is not only enjoyable but also keeps me motivated, positive and healthier.

I completely recommend him.

Helen Clark

I've worked with Dewi regularly after being incapacitated for weeks some years ago, by a severe attack of Sciatica. His knowledge, understanding and professionalism let me exercise in a way which gives me core strength and balance, and avoids injury. Without his regular attention I know that I would be lazy and skip going. Dewi's tailored workouts have become an essential part of my week and make the gym enjoyable.

Professor Norman Billingham

As a retired person with years of back problems, finding Dewi has been life-transforming. His anatomical understanding is phenomenal and he deals with sometimes extreme pain with a combination of exercises and hands on movement. Giving information is a large part of his method, so that you understand what you are doing and why, which enable you to avoid future injuries. Anyone who goes down the route of weekly sessions with him will discover the importance of attention to detail, so no matter what you are working on, the whole body must be placed correctly.

Dr Josephine Billingham

I have been training with Dewi since June 2018. I have lost more than 3 stone and my diabetes is now controlled!
Always impressed with his knowledge of sports physiology and anatomy, and his ability to keep an hour workout varied and enjoyable. Brilliant!!

Dr Richard Mitchell

Mike Pocock

Property Manager, Ex-British Armed Forces

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I started training some time ago with my husband who had health issues.
We both really enjoy it and are now much stronger, fitter and well.
Dewi has brilliant knowledge, I can train really hard without risking injury! We can't praise him enough, he has changed our lives.

Mrs Catherine Mitchell

Dewi is an exceptional personal trainer who tailors individual programs, which include a variety of exercises to keep one motivated.

Dewi has excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which insures that the training programs 

are based on scientific principals.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dewi and BackFit.

Dr. Aneetha Skinner

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

I can accredit my full recovery from a dislocated and broken shoulder to Dewi.  
I recently had a bone marrow aspiration and was told I had excellent bone density for my age of 76.  Dewi is a dedicated trainer whose knowledge of anatomy is excellent.  I have trained with Dewi two hours a week - weights and cardio - for three years.
I highly recommend Dewi as your new Trainer!

Susan Morris

It is no exaggeration to say that Dewi at BackFit has transformed my life.

After different physiotherapists failing to diagnose and let alone treat my problem, Dewi knew instantly what was causing my pain.

Where as I was alternating paracetemol and ibuprofen to deal with my pain after following Dewi's unique BackFit corrective exercises I have not taken a painkiller since.

I cannot reccomend Dewi and BackFit highly enough.


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